We invest in
who are redrawing the financial landscape

Financial services have existed since the beginning of human society, in one form or another. For example, deposits, interest loans, letters of credit, and insurance instruments date back to when Ancient empires across Egypt, Babylon, India, and China established the first rules around governing money. Unlike the invention of the telephone, for example, which led to major advancements in worldwide communication, these financial practices have hardly evolved since their earliest forms.

In the United States, the financial services industry employs 9 million people and accounts for 8% of Gross Domestic Product. Globally, the cumulative market capitalization of the financial services industry is around $16TN. 

However, 56% of this market cap comes from companies that have been around longer than fifty years, representing a remarkable opportunity for disruption over the coming years that we are barely scratching the surface of.

We have reached an inflection point in financial services where legacy players are being challenged by new disruptors who are redefining an antiquated financial system. We believe that innovation and advancement in financial services will be led by next-gen fintech companies that are designed to make financial systems more efficient and put the customer first.

What we look for


We look for fintech startups with clear business models, large total addressable markets, experienced teams, and distinct growth strategies.


Before investing, we consider all aspects of a company including the strength and history of its team, differentiators that distinguish them above all competitors, evidence of revenue scale, and game-changing technology that will evolve an industry.


We also look for founders who have the ability to inspire, hunger to excel, and the discipline to execute on a business plan.

Our investment criteria


Our sweet spot is in the Seed, Post-Seed, or Series A stages of a company’s journey

Ticket size

We like to write checks between $5 Million - $20 Million


We invest in companies across the U.S.


We have founder-friendly terms. We often lead investment rounds and take a board seat.

Why us

  • Industry expertise
    Our team has over a decade of experience in Fintech investing. Our mission is to help our founders build a new financial world.
  • Value-add partnerships
    We form long-term partnerships with our companies and work closely with them to create go-to-market strategies, develop insights, product roadmaps, provide access to key advisors, and make client introductions.
  • Fintech ecosystem
    We provide our entrepreneurs with access to our trusted community of highly influential, interconnected, and engaged individuals and institutions.